Setting properties from the Console

Table 2-1 describes the four groups of properties that you can set globally from the Symantec Ghost Console.

Table 2-1 Global properties
Console preferences
Settings for the Console, including showing and hiding panes and user messages, and setting the location on the Console server to store backup images and user packages.
Client properties
Default settings for Client computers. Some of these settings, such as client heartbeat and virtual partition DOS type, can be overridden at the client level. Other settings, such as client warning, client user interface, and virtual partition size, can only be set globally on the Console.
Data Transfer properties
Default settings for data transfer to and from the Console, and the transfer mode. These can be overridden by each subnet, and again by each task.
Inventory properties
Default inventory settings. You can show or hide the collected data sets in the Inventory folder, and can specify the default inventory views that apply to a computer when it is detected by the Console.