Setting Symantec Ghost Console client computer properties

You can view and change the properties for each Symantec Ghost Console client computer. The client properties include the following details:

Table 2-6 Client computer properties
Client computer property
Last image file used to restore the computer
The image file used to restore the computer, if one was used.
Default configuration settings for the client computer
This is the last known configuration for the client computer. The actual configuration may have changed since the client was detected or last updated. You can modify the default configuration if necessary, by editing the settings or copying them from another computer.
Heartbeat interval
The client heartbeat interval determines the frequency that update messages are sent by the client computer to the Symantec Ghost Console. This setting overrides both the global default (set in the Symantec Ghost Console) and the subnet setting.
Whether or not the Symantec Ghost boot partition is installed
If the Symantec Ghost boot partition is detected, it is used. Otherwise, the virtual partition is used.
The template to use for creating the virtual partition
If the virtual partition is used, a network driver template is required. This is usually chosen automatically by Symantec Ghost based on the client hardware. If a template is not specified, you must make the selection manually. You can also change the selection if necessary. For example, if you have an unusual hardware configuration, you can create and use your own custom template.
The DOS version installed on the virtual partition
This version of DOS is used for any operation that runs under DOS when a task is executed on the client computer.
Version of the Symantec Ghost Console client software on the computer
If the product version is older than the client, both the client and product version numbers are shown. This can occur when an upgrade is only partially completed.
Details of the backups created for this computer
The name of the backup regime to which the computer belongs, and the list of backups currently stored on the Symantec Ghost Console server. Each backup is identified by date and time, and whether it is a baseline or incremental backup.
Hardware and software inventory information for this computer
The Inventory information is a list of computer properties and their values. You can set up the list to include any properties that you want.

To view Symantec Ghost Console client computer properties