Defining email targets with Address Manager

Among the criteria that you can define when you set up a search in Discovery Accelerator are the email addresses for which to look in items. If an employee has multiple email addresses then, to save you from having to enter them all whenever you set up a search, you can add them to a target entry in Address Manager. Then you can specify the target name in your search criteria as a shorthand way of listing all the associated addresses.

Target groups provide a way to collect a number of people under a group name. You can then use this name as a shorthand way of referring to the list of people. For example, you could create a target group called "Directors" and then add the names of all the company directors to the group. When you create a search, you can search for items that are sent to the target group Directors, instead of listing all their names individually. You can add a target to multiple target groups.

Unlike the custodians and custodian groups whose details you can supply through the Custodian Manager Web site, targets and target groups are not synchronized with an external source such as Active Directory.

You can set up targets and target groups at the application level, where they are available to all cases, and at the individual case level.

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