About review marks

When they check items, reviewers apply a mark to each item to indicate whether it is relevant to the case. In a standard Discovery Accelerator installation, the predefined marks are Relevant, Not Relevant, and Flagged, but you can modify these marks and add new ones. You can also choose whether the items that are marked in one case retain their marks when they appear in other cases.

Each mark has a status that is associated with it, such as Questioned or Reviewed. When you perform an export or production run, you can filter the items by their mark or status, or by the name of the reviewer who marked them. For example, you can choose to export only those items that reviewers have marked as Relevant.

Table: Default review marks and their associated statuses shows the statuses that Discovery Accelerator associates with the default review marks.

Table: Default review marks and their associated statuses


Associated status



Not Relevant




The three available statuses (Pending, Questioned and Reviewed) are built into Discovery Accelerator, and you cannot modify them. Nor can you create new statuses.

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