Creating a multiple-choice tag group

Reviewers can select some or all of the tags in a multiple-choice group. For example, you might use a multiple-choice group to ask the question "What part of the car is the item pertaining to?". This type of question can have multiple answers, and in this case you might provide tags that are labeled "Brakes", "Tires", "Windshield", and so on.

You assemble a multiple-choice group from the existing tags in a case.

You must have the Manage Marks/Tags permission in a case to create multiple-choice tag groups.

To create a multiple-choice tag group

  1. Click the Cases tab in the Discovery Accelerator client.

  2. Click the required case in the left pane.

  3. Click the Tags tab.

  4. Ensure that all the tags that you want to include in the group are listed in the center pane.

    To create new tags, click New Tag and then enter the details of the new tag. If you previously created an application-level tag and want to add it to the case, click Add and then select the required tag.

  5. Click New Tag Group.

  6. Type a name for the new tag group and a description, if required.

  7. In the Tags box, check the tags that you want to include in the group.

  8. Click Apply.

More Information

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