Pausing and resuming Compliance Accelerator searches

If you have the required permission level, you can monitor the status of all Compliance Accelerator searches and pause or resubmit them as necessary. This is true even if you do not normally have access to the departments with which the searches are associated. However, you cannot view the search criteria or the results of the searches unless you normally have access permission.

You must have the Monitor Search permission to pause and resume searches. By default, users with the role of Compliance System Admin have this permission.

To pause or resume a search

  1. Click the Monitor tab in the Compliance Accelerator client.

  2. Do one or more of the following:

    • To view detailed status information on a search, click its name.

    • To pause or resubmit one or more searches, select the required searches and then click Pause or Resubmit.


      If you pause a search that you are conducting over a wide date range or a large number of archives, Compliance Accelerator may take a little time to halt it.

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