Implementing Chinese Walls security

Chinese Walls are the barriers between divisions of an institution that prevent communication between distinct business sections. For example, in investment banks, Chinese Walls are commonly employed to separate people who make investment decisions from people who are privy to undisclosed information that may influence those decisions.

You may want to erect similar barriers in Compliance Accelerator so that department reviewers can share the results of their searches with a specific subset of department reviewers only, and not with all Compliance Accelerator reviewers. For example, consider a bank with an equity research department and an investment banking department. It would be appropriate for a Compliance Accelerator reviewer in the equity research department to share information with other reviewers and compliance supervisors in that department, but not with reviewers in the investment banking department. By implementing Chinese Walls, you can achieve this.

There are two stages to implementing Chinese Walls security: you first enable Chinese Walls, and then assign the role of Department User to selected users in a department.

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