Managing Department Users

After you have enabled Chinese Walls, you must assign the role of Department User within a department to those users to whom you want to assign other roles in the department. Only those users to whom you assign the Department User role appear in the list of available users when you assign new department or folder roles. Department Users are defined on a per-department basis, and they are inherited in nested departments.

Consider the following table. This shows two top-level departments, Equity Research (EQ) and Investment Banking (IB), each of which has a nested department (EQ-EMEA and IB-EMEA). The EQ-EMEA department has a nested department of its own (EQ-EMEA-EUR).

Table: Sample Department User setup


Department Users

Equity Research (EQ)

Adam Allen

Alex Ash

Equity Research (EQ) > EQ-EMEA

Bert Bayer

Equity Research (EQ) > EQ-EMEA > EQ-EMEA-EUR

Chloe Chaplin

Christina Cartman

Investment Banking (IB)

Edward Edwin

Investment Banking (IB) > IB-EMEA

Frieda Fawkes

In this example, the administrator of the department EQ-EMEA can select from the following users only when adding a new reviewer: Adam Allen, Alex Ash, and Bert Bayer. None of the other Department Users is available for selection when the administrator adds reviewers. If the administrator had not chosen to enable Chinese Walls, it would be possible to add all the users as reviewers - even if they worked in the Investment Banking department rather than the Equity Research department.

To manage Department Users

  1. Click the Departments tab in the Compliance Accelerator client.

  2. In the Departments pane at the left, click the required department.

  3. Click the Department Users tab.

  4. Click Add Department Users.

  5. Click the names of the employees or groups to which you want to assign the Department User role.

    You can select multiple adjacent names by holding down the Shift key and clicking the first and last names in the block. To select multiple, nonadjacent names, hold down the Ctrl key and click the required names.

  6. Click OK.

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