Setting your Review pane preferences

Compliance Accelerator provides extensive facilities with which you can customize the appearance and operation of the Review pane.

To set your Review pane preferences

  1. Click the Review Preferences button in the header area of the Review pane.

  2. Select your required options on the General tab. The options are as follows:

    Go straight to review screen when application starts

    When selected, lets you proceed directly to the Review pane when you start Compliance Accelerator.

    Apply default preset when application starts

    When selected, applies the default filter options to the items in the item list.

    On exit, save current presets as default

    When selected, saves the current filter options as the default options for the Review pane.

    Move to next item after marking

    When selected, causes Compliance Accelerator to display the next item in the list automatically when you mark an item.

    Maximum number of items to display

    Sets a limit on the number of items that you can display in the Review pane.

  3. Select your required options on the Display tab. The options are as follows:


    Sets the font to use for all buttons and labels in the Review pane.

    Item list font

    Sets the font to use in the item list.

    Reading pane font

    Sets the font to use in the Reading pane.

    Item list display type

    Specifies whether Compliance Accelerator displays the items in the list in a single-line layout or multiline layout. The multiline layout displays item information over two lines. The first line displays the sender, and the second line displays the text from the Subject box of the item header.

    If you select Automatic, Compliance Accelerator automatically switches to the multiline layout when there is insufficient screen space to display a header in a single line.

    Highlight search terms in reading pane

    Turns on or off highlighting for search terms.

    Use pop-up for text input

    Determines what happens when you type characters in the text input boxes in the Review pane, such as the Comment box. When this option is checked, Compliance Accelerator displays the characters in a separate pop-up window as you type them. This lets you view all the characters at once, instead of hiding older characters as you type new ones.

    Hide text on action buttons

    When selected, removes the text labels from the action buttons that are below the Preview pane.

    Show original location in reading pane

    When selected, provides additional information above the Preview pane on the location from which the current item was archived.

  4. Click OK.

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