Changing how the Review pane looks

You can customize the appearance of the Review pane to suit the way you work and help you find items quickly.

Table: How to customize the Review pane

To do this

Do this

Expand the Review pane to occupy the available space

Click the Expand Reviewing Screen button above the item list.

Change the position of the Reading pane.

Click View above the item list, and then point to Reading Pane Layout and select the required position.

You can position the Reading pane at the bottom or right of the main window, or detach it from the main window and display its contents in a new window.

Change the size of the text in the Reading pane.

Click View above the item list, and then point to Size of Reading Pane Text and select the required size.

Hide or show columns in the item list.

Right-click any column heading in the item list and then point to Select columns and select the columns to hide or show. Then click Apply changes.

Sort the items in the item list.

Click a column heading in the item list to sort the items by the entries in the column.

The direction of the arrow in the column heading indicates whether the entries are sorted in ascending or descending order.

Group the items by date, author, subject, or policy action.

Select the required option in the Group box above the item list.

Display or hide the items in a group by clicking the arrow at the left of the group.

Specify the maximum number of items to display per page.

In the Page Size box below the item list, select the required number of items.

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