Setting up new search schedules

You must have the Manage Schedules permission to set up new search schedules. By default, users with the application role of App Rule Admin have this permission.

To set up a new search schedule

  1. Click the Configuration tab in the Compliance Accelerator client, and then click the Search Schedules tab.

  2. Click New.

  3. Type a name and an optional description for the schedule.

  4. Check Enabled so that the schedule is available for selection when you define the criteria for a new search.

  5. Select the required schedule type. The options are as follows:

    Start when SQL server agent starts

    Causes any searches that use this schedule to run immediately after the SQL Server Agent service has started.

    Start when CPU(s) are idle

    Causes any searches that use this schedule to run when the system is quiet. For more information on CPU idle schedules, see the information on scheduling jobs in the online Help for SQL Server Management Studio.


    Causes any searches that use this schedule to run only once, at the time that you set in the schedule. When you select this option, several additional boxes appear. Click the On date box to select the required date. Enter the time in the At time box in the format hh:mm, using the 24-hour clock.


    Causes any searches that use this schedule to run automatically at the interval that you specify in the schedule.

    • Occurs. Defines the interval in days, weeks, or months.

    • Daily frequency. Defines whether the schedule runs once a day or several times a day, within a given period.

    • Duration. Defines whether to restrict the schedule to a particular period within given dates.

  6. Click Save.

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