Obtaining a Full Census

A full census is the list of all managed computers and their associated Symantec LiveState Configuration Server in the Enterprise Manager environment. This list is periodically sent by Enterprise Remote Servers to the Enterprise Master Server.

A census can be obtained by running global reports on any of the configurations.

Note: To be able to run global reports, a user account must have a role that has Manage Configurations set to Yes, as well as permission to manage the particular configuration on which the report is to be run. The configuration does not have to be Open to Manage at the time the report is run.

To obtain a census:

  1. Select a configuration name, then right click and choose Global Reports.

  1. In the Report Manager, select the report Census Data For Computers By Server [Global].

  2. Click Generate Report. The Enterprise Manager Result pane displays the report results.

  3. Optionally export the report results.