Browsing Configurations

To open and view the contents of a configuration, you must have rights to Open to Browse.  These rights are granted to the role. The role, along with the explicit configuration are assigned to a user account. More info...

Open to Browse allows you to see a list of the configuration's groups and any of their assigned policy trees.

To Open to Browse a Configuration:

  1. Right-click any configuration.

  2. Select Open to Browse.

If Open to Browse does not appear on the menu, then the user account does not have rights to browse the specific configuration.

Multiple Users

Whether you can select Open to Browse for a particular configuration depends on whether any other users have the configuration Open to Browse or Open to Manage. See the table for the allowed actions.

If one user has a Configuration...

For the same Configuration,
other users...

Open to  Browse

Can Open to Browse

Cannot Open to Manage

Open to Manage

Cannot Open to Browse

Cannot Open to Manage


Note: If you attempt to Open to Browse or Open to Manage, and receive a message that the configuration cannot be opened, you must determine which user has the configuration open, and contact them to close it.

Unlocking Locked Configurations

If you exit an Enterprise Manager session without logging off, any configurations you had open remain open, and the rules of multiple users apply. You must unlock manually.

To prevent this, do a Close to Manage on any configurations you have open, before you exit Enterprise Manager.

To unlock:

  1. Log on to Enterprise Manager

  2. Right click the Enterprise Manager item and choose Log Off My Other Sessions.

  3. To exit, right-click Enterprise Manager item and choose Logoff.