About Administrators

Enterprise Manager provides several Administrator accounts and roles, which you can use as-is or modify as appropriate for your site. You can also create new roles and accounts.


The Enterprise Primary Administrator is the highest level user account. Its default name, emadmin, is set up automatically when you install Enterprise Manager. During installation you must provide a password; you also have the opportunity to change the account name. This account can perform all tasks and has access to all aspects of the product.

The Enterprise Primary Administrator account name displays in the Scope pane under the Administrators item, at the beginning of the list of accounts.

It can manage all existing components of the product, as well as any components that are created in the future.  The account name and/or password can be changed. However, no one can change the Enterprise Primary Administrator's role or the groups it is allowed to manage.

Enterprise Manager provides several predefined administrator accounts. More info...


Attributes for a role specify the tasks that can be performed by any account to which the role is assigned.  More info...

Several roles are provided. You can use them as-is, change their attributes, or create new roles.

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