Adding or Modifying an Administrator Account

To add or modify an account, the role assigned to your user account must grant you permission to Manage Administrators and Roles.

Enterprise Manager provides several predefined administrator accounts, each with a role assigned and with the ConfigTemplate assigned to it.

You can use these accounts as-is, modify them, or create new accounts.

To create a new Account:

  1. Right-click the Security item and choose Open to Manage.

  2. Right-click the Accounts item and choose Add New Account.

  3. The default name is NewAdministrator. On the Administrator tab, provide a new name and optional description.

  4. On the Set Password tab, type a password for the account, then type it again to confirm. The password appears as a series of asterisks (*).

  5. The new account appears under the Accounts item.

  6. Expand the Roles item. Assign a role to the account you created by dragging the desired role to the account name.

  7. You can use an existing role or create a new one. How to...

  8. To give the account access to configurations, drag the configuration-name from its location under the Configurations item, to the Account name.

Note: To grant the user access to all existing and subsequently created configurations, set the Advanced setting (Implicit access to) All Configurations to Yes. More info...

To modify a User Account

  1. Right-click the Security item and choose Open to Manage.

  2. Expand the Account item to display the list of user accounts.

  3. The table describes modifications you can make:


Do this

Change the account password.

Right click the account name and choose Attributes. Click the Set Password tab. Provide the new password.

Assign a different role to the account.

Right-click the account's existing role and choose Remove This Role From User Account.

Then expand the Roles item and drag a new role to the account.

Remove the account's access to configurations.

Under the account name, right-click the configuration, and choose Remove Configuration from Account.

Grant the account access to additional configurations.

Expand the Configurations item. Drag the configuration name to the user account.

Grant the account access to all configurations

Right-click the account's role and choose Properties.

On the Advanced tab, set (Implicit access to) All Configurations to Yes.

Warning: making this setting in a particular role grants this access to all other accounts that have that role assigned.