SysTray Icon Context Menu


The SysTray Icon Context Menu is displayed when right-clicking on the MRC System Tray icon.



Who Is Connected...

Displays the User ID and Machine Name, etc. of the individual connected via the Mini Remote Control program.



Disconnects the MRC session.



Opens the Settings of the MRC Client Agent Service.  See the Help Topic "Settings" for a detailed description of the MRC Client Agent Service settings.



Opens the Invitation dialog allowing the remote machine user to create an MRC connection invitation.  This invitation is used by the MRC Application user to establish an MRC connection to this remote machine.  See the Help Topic "Invitation" for more information.



Displays a variety of information including the version release information, the IP Addresses of the machine on which it is running, the PNRP status, and the Global Cloud status.  The Copy button allows the user to copy the data in the dialog.




This option is only available when the MRC Client Agent Service is running as an application.  Selecting it exits the DWRCS.EXE application.