Exporting and importing workflows

You can export and import individual workflows in Asset Lifecycle Manager so they can be shared between different Asset Lifecycle Manager users and servers in your environment. Exporting a workflow includes all attribute settings you have saved with the file. The export won't include workflow dependencies, such as e-mail templates, listeners, forms, and child workflows.

When you import a workflow, you can place it anywhere in your existing folder structure.

To export a workflow or folder
  1. In the Process tab's Workflows panel, right-click the workflow and click Export.
  2. Specify the location and filename where you want to save the exported workflow or folder, then click Save.

The workflow or folder is exported to the location you specified; the file format is XML.

To import a workflow
  1. In the Process tab's Workflows panel, right-click the folder where you want to store the imported workflow and click Import.
  2. Type the workflow's path and filename, or browse to and select the workflow.
  3. Click Open.

The workflow or folder is imported to the location you specified.