Tab access

Use Tab access to give users, groups or roles the rights to view particular tabs in the Web console for forms, assets, or supporting resources. Each form, asset, or resource has a set of tabs that comes as part of the default content; you can also create your own tabs. The tab group acts as a filter to hide tabs from the user, group, or role you specify. By default, all tabs can be seen by all users. The settings specified in Tab access take precedence over the ones set in Tab visibility.

NOTE: Do not hide tabs containing required fields. Users will not be able to see the hidden tabs and their required fields, and therefore not be able to save the form.

  1. Click an asset or form, and click Properties on its toolbar .
  2. Click Tab Access.
  3. Click Add, and type a name for the tab access configuration. Press Enter.
  4. In the Tabs tab, select tabs from the list of available tabs for the asset or form that you want specified users to be able to view in the Web console.
  5. To specify users, click the Access tab, and click Add. In the Contact type drop-down list, select User, Group, or Role. If you selected a user or a group, specify the contact location. In the Search filter text box, type the contact name, or type the first few characters of the name and an asterisk (*), and then click Search. Select the contacts from the list and click OK. (You can use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple participants.) Click OK.
  6. Click OK.