What's new in Asset Lifecycle Manager?

Release 4.0.2 of LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager includes the following improvements and enhanced functionality over release 3.5. Feature descriptions ending with (*) indicate changes that were added as of the November 2010 v4.02 patch release.

Printing in the Web console



Active Directory contacts

Workflow designer

Two new families of workflow actions are now available in the Workflow designer: VMWare actions, and AMIE actions. Also, several existing actions have been enhanced to allow improved functionality in workflow processes. Among the new workflow actions are:

Workflow Action groups with enhanced functionality or new actions include:


Integration servers

Previously the steps for setting up connections between ALM and other resources (LANDesk Management Suite, Service Desk, Remedy, etc.) were located on separate tabs in the Tools > Settings dialog. Now all connections are configured from a single tab labeled Integration servers.

Asset Content pack

Several significant additions have been made to the Asset Content pack. These new features provide additional automation capabilities and add useful new functionality to Asset Lifecycle Manager. They can also be used as templates for creating other custom options for use within your environment. For details, see Other automated requests and Other sample processes.

Other automated requests
Other sample processes