Creating reconciliation rules using the manual review

Manual review is the process of manually reviewing the assets that are imported into the system by an import job.

See Manual review.

The assets are added into the asset system with the Add Rule. The field values for the newly imported assets are updated in the asset system with the Update Rule.

See Reconciliation rules and rule types.

The Add and the Update type of reconciliation rules let you mark the assets for manual review.

To create a reconciliation rule using the manual review

  1. Go to Manage >Assets >Reconciliation Rules.

  2. On the taskbar , click Create Rule.

  3. In the Specify Rule Details panel, type the rule name and select the rule type.

    To mark the assets to add to the manual review store, you can select from the following rule types:

    • Add rule

    • Update rule

  4. Select the asset type to associate the rule with.

    You can also create the reconciliation rule for all the asset types.

  5. Select the folder to save the reconciliation rule in.

  6. Type the description for the reconciliation rule and click Next.

  7. In the Select Rule Conditions and Actions panel, click the Add Condition icon.

  8. In the Add Condition dialog box, select a condition from the drop-down list and click OK.

    See Conditions.

  9. In the Select Rule Conditions and Action panel, click the Add Action icon.

  10. In the Add Action dialog box, select Add to manual review store and click OK.

  11. In the Select Rule Conditions and Actions panel, click Next.

  12. In the Summary panel, review the rule and click Finish.

    You can choose to go back and edit the rule at any time.

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