Reconciliation rules and rule types

The asset reconciliation helps you organize the assets that already exist in the asset store in a logical hierarchy. Reconciliation provides you the flexibility to manage the asset records conditionally when the records get into the assets system. The reconciliation rule lets the administrator manage the asset information when imported into the system. A reconciliation rule consists of a condition and an action. A set of actions is executed when the imported asset satisfies the specified set of conditions.

Reconciliation is based on the priority. A reconciliation rule that is enabled and is at the top in order, takes highest priority. If the rule is not satisfied, then the second rule takes priority with succeeding rules, if necessary. If an asset does not satisfy any reconciliation rule, the asset is forwarded to the manual review store. Control Compliance Suite performs the asset reconciliation that is based on some rules. Every rule that you create must be compliant with one of the rule-types that the asset system defines. All the reconciliation rules are displayed in Manage > Assets > Reconciliation Rules view.

Table: Types of reconciliation rules

Rule type

Rule description

Pre rule

See Pre rule.

A Pre rule is executed on the assets that are in the process of import before the assets are brought into the assets system.

The Pre rule lets you set a value for a particular asset field. The Pre rule also lets you discard the asset.

Add rule

See Add rule.

An Add rule is executed to add the assets that are in the process of import to the asset system

The Add rule lets you add new assets to the asset system at a specific location. The Add rule also lets you add assets to the manual review store.

Update rule

See Update rule.

An Update rule is applied on the existing assets to update their fields with the values of the assets that in the process of import.

The update rule updates the assets that already exist in the system. The update rule also lets you add assets to the manual review store.

Post rule

See Post rule.

A Post rule is executed at the end in the order of the reconciliation rules.

The Post rule is executed only for the imported asset records for which there is a corresponding addition or update in the asset system.


Every asset import job must have at least one add or update rule.

In addition to the rules that you can create, Control Compliance Suite also provides predefined rules. You can use any of the predefined rules to import the assets for the very first time.

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