Assigning permissions from the Permission Management view

After you add a user or group to a role in the Roles view, you must grant permissions to folders to perform tasks. You cannot grant a user the permissions to a folder unless the user has been added to the appropriate role.

See Adding users and groups to a role.

When you add a user to a role, the system automatically assigns permissions to any predefined folders.

When you assign permissions to a parent folder, the subfolders automatically inherit the parent folder permissions.


There may be time delay for permissions to propagate through the directory.

To assign permission

  1. Go to Settings > Permission Management.

  2. In the Permission Management view, in the tree pane, navigate to the required folder.

  3. In the table pane, select the folder to assign the permissions.

  4. In the User and Groups tab, click Assign Permissions.

  5. In the Assign Permissions dialog box, click Add.

  6. In the Select Users/Groups dialog box, select the role name and click OK.

    The newly added user is listed in the Assign Permissions dialog box.

  7. To add more users or groups, go to step 5.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Click the refresh icon on the details pane to list all the newly assigned users.