Create New Entity Schema: Add Fields

The Add Fields panel of the Create New Entity Schema wizard lets you add fields to the new entity. Every entity must have primary fields, which are the unique identifiers of the asset type that you would create. So, ensure that you define the primary fields for every entity that you create. Besides the primary fields, you can also create optional fields for the entity.

You must use the Add button to add new fields through the Create New Field dialog box.

See Create New Entity Schema: Create New Field.

The fields that are added through the Create New Field dialog box are displayed in this Add Fields panel. You must check the option, Is primary field if you want the added fields to be the primary fields in the entity schema. Unchecking the option makes the added fields optional.


If you extend an entity of a predefined platform, then ensure that you create the same number of primary fields as they are available for the extended entity.

You can modify an added field by double-clicking the field and editing the values in the Create New Field dialog box.