Update Package Dialog Box

This dialog box appears when a selected package can be used as an update for an installed or already assigned package.

TIP: You can set the All CCM Activities and Package Deployment options in the CCM Command Center Properties - CCM Activities tab dialog box so that:

List Box

The list box displays the following information about the list of install or installation-queued packages that can be updated.



Package Name

The long name describing the package.


The version number of the package as defined by the Version parameter in the [INFO] section of the package configuration file (config.swp).


The version number of the CCM package configuration file (config.swp) as defined by the SWPRelease parameter in the [INFO] section of the package configuration file.


The action type being performed on the computer, such as Install or Delete.


The letter of the drive to which the package has been assigned.


The current status of the package assignment during job execution.


The current phase as CCM Windows Agent processes the job.


The date on which the package was scheduled to be installed.

Package Type

Type of package (System, Application, Configuration, etc.)

Package ID

The short name of the package used as the name for its configuration and software directories.





CCM creates a CCM Activity subitem titled Managing Package Jobs and defines an update job. If an update job is defined for a package queued for installation, the installation job for the old package is deleted and only the new package is installed.


CCM defines an installation job.


Cancels the current update. If you are configuring more than one computer, a message displays asking if you want to continue this process with the remaining PCs.


Opens the Help window describing this dialog box.

Apply the selection to the remaining computers in the group wherever possible

This check box displays only if you selected a group to which you are assigning packages.

When you select this check box, CCM applies the selected installation or update job to all other managed computers in the group that require the same package.