Manage Packages: Choose Drive and Date Dialog Box for Multiple Computers

Use the Manage Packages: Choose Drive and Date dialog box to specify a particular drive on which to assign the package jobs and/or the date on which the package jobs should be executed on each computer in the computer group. This dialog box applies to installation, update, and delete jobs.

The following describes the dialog box features and functionality.

Tab Pages

The dialog box displays a tab page for each package being installed on the computers in the group.

Click the tab for each package and make the desired settings in the table cells for each listed computer.

TIP: As you click each tab page the tabs automatically scroll from left to right. You can use the arrow keys to navigate across the tab pages.

Each tab page displays the following information.



To Be Managed

The name of the computer on which the package will be installed, updated, or deleted.

Target Drive

Displays the installation drive for each package as well as drive specification symbols.

You can double-click this field to select the drive where you want each software package to be installed.

The operating system, the Pre-OS Agent, and the CCM Windows Agent package must be installed on the C: drive.

For an update, you can install the new package on a different drive from the previous drive.

For packages that inherit the installation path and drive or have no entries within the [CONTENTS] section, you can not change the drive setting.


Note: You cannot set a date for installation for System packages.

Double-click the field to enter the date for the installation, update, or removal. You can enter the date using either of the following formats:


  • mm/dd/yy(yy)

CCM executes the actions when the date set is reached or passed. If you specify a date that has already occurred, or do not specify any date, CCM deploys the package in its next session.


Displays the type of action that will occur: Install, Update or Delete.

Note: You can also define an installation date for Action packages. The Action package is processed when the specified date is reached or passed. For Action packages to be processed repeatedly at specified intervals, CCM automatically postdates the Action package with the corresponding date. To calculate this date, CCM uses the last calculated date, not the date on which the Action package was actually processed.





Accepts the settings you have made, closes the dialog box and opens the Set Parameters dialog box.


Closes the dialog box, cancelling the deployment of these packages.


Opens the Help window describing this dialog box.