Explicit Wake Up

You can use the CCM Command Center to explicitly wake up managed computers that are compatible with the Intel Wired for Management (WfM) standard and its Remote Wake-Up (RWU) feature.

NOTE: The CCM Command Center does not check to see if any managed computer is WfM-compatible. When CCM sends a wake-up call to a computer that is not WfM-compatible, the call is ignored.

You may need to explicitly wake up a computer or push a job in the following circumstances:

Explicitly waking up a computer and pushing jobs immediately wakes up the computer if it is not already turned on. The resulting behavior of the computer depends on the following factors:

The CCM Notification service controls network load for push tasks, based on settings in the ccmnotify.cfg file. For more information about this file, see the ON Command CCM Reference.

NOTE: If the managed computer is manually shut down after the wake up call but before the Action Interval, the wake up call is not resent and the computer remains turned off. In order to have the job executed, you must explicitly wake up and push the job to the computer.

Tip: If you want to send an explicit Wake Up/Push command to a computer, its priority must be set to 0.