Computer Properties Dialog Box

Identification Tab Data

Boot and Security Tab Data

This information applies to the following dialog boxes:

Identification Data




The unique identifier of the computer. Cannot be edited after the computer has been added to CCM.

Use a minimum of three and a maximum of eight characters with the following limitations.

Valid Characters

Invalid Characters

Lower case letters

Capital letters


Special characters

Leading Zeros


The computer ID must be unique on this server. Although the same computer ID can exist in different administration areas, we strongly recommend that the computer ID be unique across all administration areas.

Display name

The name that displays in the CCM Command Center Scope and Result panes. The name must be unique on this server.

Host Name

This name will be displayed as the Computer Name in the Control Panel Network properties dialog box.

Use a maximum of 32 alphanumeric characters, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, dashes (-). and underscores (_).

HW Address

The hardware address (MAC address) of the computer’s NIC.

NOTE: If this is a Cooperative Mode computer with no NIC that is intended to be used solely as a dial-up mobile computer, you can type any 12 digits (for example, 111111111111) in the Hardware address field.

IP Address

The computer's IP address on BOOTP. If you use DHCP, this field is disabled.

Gateway Address

The computer’s gateway address  on BOOTP. If you use DHCP, the field is disabled.

Define the Gateway Address only if the computer is connected to one of a multiple number of subnets. The CCM server uses the address to find computers on multiple subnets in a BOOTP environment.

It is not necessary to enter a Gateway Address for dial-up mobile computers.


Sets the computer type.  After the computer is added to CCM, this checkbox cannot be edited.

No (default). Makes the computer a Consistent Mode managed computer.

Yes. Add computer as a Cooperative Mode computer.

Network Type

Either Ethernet or Token Ring. Corresponds to the network card in the computer. If you use DHCP, this field is disabled.

Repository Folder

The HOME directory where information about this computer will be stored. After the computer is added to CCM, this field cannot be edited.

Buttons Available for Adding Multiple Computers



Add Row

Adds an empty row at the bottom of the table. You can add an unlimited number of rows.

Delete Row

Deletes the selected row from the table.

Import from File

Lets you browse to a file that contains the computer information you want to import. You can import a comma-delimited, tab-delimited, semicolon-delimited, or colon-delimited text file.

Export to File

Opens the File Import/Export Settings dialog box where you can select the delimiter setting of the CCM computer identification information and then export the file. More information...

Boot and Security Data




If checked, the computer boots from the network. If unchecked, the computer boots locally. More info...

Debug mode

If checked, displays additional debugging information during the network boot procedure.

Remaining capacity of RAM disk in KB

Defines the surplus capacity of the RAM disk in KB which is suitable for the storage of additional files. More info...

Boot priority

The CCM Pre-OS Agent uses this setting to calculate the file delay and block copy delay when building the RAM disk on the computer. Select a value of 0 through 4, where 0 is the highest priority, and 4 is the lowest. More info...

Ask user

Lets the user of the computer postpone actions of the CCM Windows Agent to a later time.

Crtl key active

CCM locks the CTRL key so that the user of the computer cannot interrupt the activities being performed.


Enables you to partition the computer's hard disk with the Fdisk utility. More info...