Update a Package

You can update a package that has been previously deployed to a computer with a new version of the package or with the same version but with different parameter values.

NOTE: Before you begin deploying packages, you should adjust the All CCM Activities and Package Deployment settings in the CCM Command Center Properties - CCM Activities tab dialog box dialog box. These settings, where possible, control the automatic execution of package deployment.

To update a package:

  1. In the Scope pane, expand the Server Name item.

  2. In the Scope pane, expand the Packages item .

  1. Click the <All Packages> item or a specific package type item.

  1. In the Scope pane, expand the Computers item.

  2. Expand the <All Computers> item or a computer group item to display computers.

  1. In the Result pane of either the main window or the secondary Packages window, select the packages you want to deploy.

  2. Drag the packages to a single computer or computer group item.

  3. In the Assign Packages dialog box, click OK or OK Coop.




Start a CCM Activity subitem titled Managing Package Jobs and deploy and install the package on the specified computer or computer group.

NOTE: If you are installing a new package on an existing Cooperative Mode computer you can click OK. CCM installs the package on the Cooperative Mode computer.

OK Coop

Enters this information into the computer configuration file without actually installing the packages.

OK Coop is enabled only if you have selected a Cooperative Mode computer.

  1. The Update Package dialog box lists the names of the installed or installation-queued packages that can be updated by the package you are currently deploying.  Select the package that you want to update.

  2. Click Replace.

  3. In the Manage Packages: Choose Drive and Date dialog box, double-click the cells to select the drive and date when you want to have the package installed and click OK.

  4. In the Set Parameters dialog box, double-click the Value field for each parameter to set the desired values and click OK.

CCM sets the Managing Package Jobs Activity to Done. The assigned package is added to the list of software package jobs for the computer.