CCM Packages

A package is a collection of files and software, together with its database representation, designed to carry out a particular task or install a particular piece of software on a computer. A package can, among other things, flash a BIOS, load an operating system, install an application, install print drivers, customize an email address, set the display resolution, or run a virus scan after every boot.

A package is categorized by the kind of task it is designed to carry out. This is referred to as the package type. The package type determines which files are required by the package, and the instructions and information that must be specified in those files.

Types of packages include the following:

A package that deploys software contains two categories of files: the software product vendor files to be installed on the computer, and administration files used to define and manage the package. Packages that perform tasks on the computer (such as Configuration packages) have only administration files.

The administration files in a package contain all the instructions necessary to deploy the package. CCM provides tools to generate, build, and modify the administration files. These files are used by CCM for a variety of purposes, including:

CCM administrators use the CCM Command Center to assign packages to the computers.