CCM Package Import Tool

The Package Import Tool (PIT) is used to add CCM Packages to the CCM Package Depot and the CCM Database, making them available to be assigned to computers. You can add packages from a file share to a CCM 5.4 server, or from one CCM 5.4 server to another 5.4 server.

Who can import, export, and copy packages with PIT?

PIT can be used by CCM Administrators who have one of the following roles:

The CCM Package Import Tool is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in and appears as a window within the MMC Console.

You can install multiple instances of the Package Import Tool in your CCM site configuration.

Overview of Using PIT

To copy packages to a CCM 5.4 server, you

For details about using PIT, see the ON Command CCM Package Import Tool V2.0 User Guide. which you can access from Start>Programs>CCM Administration.