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Network parameters


Default value




This parameter enables the NIC to reflect the state of the iLO 3. The default setting for the NIC is Yes, which is enabled. If DHCP is disabled, you must assign a static IP address to the iLO 3. Assign the IP address using the iLO 3 IP address parameter.



Enables you to select static IP (disabled) or Enables the use of a DHCP server to obtain an IP address for the iLO 3 subsystem.

You cannot set the iLO 3 IP address and subnet mask if DHCP is enabled.

Enabling DHCP allows you to configure the following DHCP options:

  • Use DHCP Supplied Gateway
  • Use DHCP Supplied DNS Servers
  • Use DHCP Supplied WINS Servers
  • Use DHCP Supplied Static Routes
  • Use DHCP Supplied Domain Name

IP address


Use this parameter to assign a static IP address to the iLO 3 on your network. By default, the IP address is assigned by DHCP.

Subnet mask


Use the subnet mask parameter to assign the subnet mask for the default gateway. By default, the subnet mask is assigned by DHCP.

Gateway IP address


Use the gateway parameter to assign the IP address of the network router that connects the iLO 3 subnet to another subnet where the management console resides. By default, the gateway is assigned by DHCP.

iLO 3 subsystem name

iLO 3XXXXXXXXXXXX, where the 12 Xs are the server serial number (assigned at the factory)

The iLO 3 comes preset with a DNS/WINS name. The DNS/WINS name is "iLO 3" plus the serial number of the server. This name also is displayed on the tag attached to the bracket of iLO 3. You can change this value.

Domain name


Enter the name of the domain in which iLO 3 participates. By default, the domain name is assigned by DHCP.



Configures the duplex of the network transceiver.