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XML enhancements

Previous versions of iLO 3 firmware do not return properly formatted XML syntax. If the iLO 3 firmware determines the client utility does not support the return of properly formatted XML syntax, the following message appears:

<INFORM>Scripting utility should be updated to the latest version.</INFORM>

This message informs you to update to a later version of the cpqlocfg scripting utility. The latest version of cpqlocfg.exe is 2.26.

If you are using a utility other than cpqlocfg.exe (such as Perl), the following steps might help ensure that the iLO 3 firmware returns properly formatted XML. You must incorporate <LOCFG version="2.21"> into the script sent to iLO 3. You can place this tag in either the Perl script or the XML script. Placement of this tag is important. If you place this tag in the Perl script, the tag should be sent after <?xml version="1.0"?> and before the XML script is sent. If you place the tag in the XML script, the tag should be placed before <RIBCL version="2.0">. If you are using the Perl script provided by HP, you can add the bold line in the following example to return properly formatted XML syntax.