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Opening an SSL connection

Perl scripts must open an SSL connection to the device's HTTPS port, by default port 443. For example:

use Socket;

use Net::SSLeay qw(die_now die_if_ssl_error);





# opens an ssl connection to port 443 of the passed host


sub openSSLconnection($)


my $host = shift;

my ($ctx, $ssl, $sin, $ip, $nip);

if (not $ip = inet_aton($host))


print "$host is a DNS Name, performing lookup\n" if $debug;

$ip = gethostbyname($host) or die "ERROR: Host $hostname not found.\n";


$nip = inet_ntoa($ip);

print STDERR "Connecting to $nip:443\n";

$sin = sockaddr_in(443, $ip);

socket (S, &AF_INET, &SOCK_STREAM, 0) or die "ERROR: socket: $!";

connect (S, $sin) or die "connect: $!";

$ctx = Net::SSLeay::CTX_new() or die_now("ERROR: Failed to create SSL_CTX $! ");

Net::SSLeay::CTX_set_options($ctx, &Net::SSLeay::OP_ALL);

die_if_ssl_error("ERROR: ssl ctx set options");

$ssl = Net::SSLeay::new($ctx) or die_now("ERROR: Failed to create SSL $!");

Net::SSLeay::set_fd($ssl, fileno(S));

Net::SSLeay::connect($ssl) and die_if_ssl_error("ERROR: ssl connect");

print STDERR 'SSL Connected ';

print 'Using Cipher: ' . Net::SSLeay::get_cipher($ssl) if $debug;

print STDERR "\n\n";

return $ssl;