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Application Launch using HP SIM

The Application Launch combines the RIBCL, the Lights-Out Configuration Utility, and the query definition to manage the Group Administration of the iLO 3s.

To create an Application Launch task:

  1. Click Device in the navigation bar on the top left side of the screen.
  2. Click Tasks to open the Tasks screen.
  3. Click New Control Task and select Application Launch from the dropdown menu to open the Create/Edit Task screen.
  4. Enter the full path and name for the Lights-Out Configuration Utility in the area provided. If the CPQLOCFG.EXE file is in the root directory of the C:\ drive, then the path is C:\cpqlocfg.exe.
  5. Enter the parameters in the area provided. HP SIM requires the following parameters for the Lights-Out Configuration Utility:

    -F is the full path of the RIBCL file name.

    -V is the verbose message (optional).

    If the RIBCL file is in the root directory of on the C:\ drive, then the parameters are:

    -F C:\MANAGEUSERS.xml -V

    NOTE: The -L parameter cannot designate an output log file. A default log file named with the DNS name or the IP address is created in the same directory where CPQLOCFG is launched.

  6. Click Next. A screen displays the options for naming the task, defining the query association, and setting a schedule for the task.
  7. Enter a task name in the Enter a name for this task field.
  8. Select the query that had been created earlier, for example "Mgmt Processors."
  9. Click Schedule to define when the Application Launch task will run. A schedule configuration window appears.
  10. Click OK to set the schedule.

    NOTE: The default schedule for a control task is Now.

  11. Click Finish to save the Application Launch task.
  12. Click the Execute a Task icon (the green triangle) to execute the Group Administration.