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Query definition in HP SIM

To group all of the iLO 3 devices, log in to HP SIM and create a query.

To create the query:

  1. Log in to HP SIM.
  2. Click Device in the navigation bar on the top left side of the screen.
  3. Click Queries>Device.
  4. Locate the Personal Queries section in the main window. If a query category exists, proceed to step 7, otherwise proceed to step 5.
  5. Click New to create a new category. For this example, the name of the new category is RIB Cards. Click Create Category.
  6. Click Queries to return to the Device Queries screen.
  7. Click New, within the appropriate query category, to open the Create/Edit Query screen where the query definition is created.
  8. Define the query name, for example "Mgmt Processors."
  9. Select Device(s) of type, and then select Devices by product name. In the criteria windows, set the product name to HP Integrated Lights-Out 3.
  10. Click type in the Query Description field. A window opens where you define the device type.
  11. Select Management Processor and click OK.
  12. Click Save to return to the Device Query screen.
  13. Find the newly created query in the appropriate query category, and click the query name to run it for verification.
  14. Click Overview on the left side of the screen after the verification has taken place. The initial page for devices opens.