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SNMP/Insight Manager settings parameters


Default Value


SNMP alert destination(s)


Enter the IP address of the remote management PC that will receive SNMP trap alerts from the iLO 3. Up to three IP addresses can be designated to receive SNMP alerts.

Enable iLO 3 SNMP alerts


The iLO 3 alert conditions are detected by the iLO 3 and are independent of the host server operating system. These alerts can be Insight Manager SNMP traps. These alerts include major events, such as remote server power outages or server resets. They also include the iLO 3 events, such as security disabled or failed login attempt. The iLO 3 forwards the alerts to an HP SIMconsole using the destinations provided.

Forward Insight Manager Agent SNMP alerts


When set to Yes, these alerts are generated by the Insight Management agents, which are provided for each supported network operating system. The agents must be installed on the host server to receive these alerts. These alerts are sent to HP SIM clients on the network and are forwarded asynchronously by the iLO 3 to the IP addresses that have been configured to receive them.

Enable SNMP pass-thru


The Enable SNMP pass-through option enables the system to pass SNMP packets from the Insight Management Agent. When set to No, all SNMP traffic is stopped and will not pass-through the iLO 3.

Insight Manager Web Agent URL


The Insight Manager Web Agent URL option enables you to enter the IP address or the DNS name of the host server on which the Insight Manager Web Agents are running. Entering this data in the field provided enables iLO 3 to create a link from the iLO 3 Web pages to the pages of the Web Agent.

Level of data returned


The Level of Data Returned option regulates how much data is returned to an anonymous request for the iLO 3 information from HP SIM. All settings, except the None Data Level, provide sufficient data to allow integration with HP SIM. The Medium and High settings enable HP SIM and Systems Insight Manager to associate the management processor with the host server. The None Data Level prevents the iLO 3 from responding to the HP SIM requests.