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Directory settings parameters


Default value


Disable directory authentication


This parameter enables or disables directory authentication. If directory support is properly configured, this enables user login to iLO 3 using directory credentials.

Schema-free directory


This parameter enables or disables the use of schema-free directories.

Use HP extended schema


This parameter enables or disables the use of extended schema directories.

Enable local user accounts


This option enables a user to log in using a local user account instead of a directory account. By default, this setting is Enabled.

Directory server address

This parameter specifies the Directory Server DNS name or IP address. HP recommends using a DNS name or multi-host DNS name. If an IP address is used, the directory will not be available if that server is down.

Directory server LDAP port


This option sets the port number used to connect to the directory server. The SSL-secured LDAP port number is 636.

LOM object distinguished name


This option specifies the unique name for the iLO 3 in the directory. LOM Object Distinguished Names are limited to 256 characters.

LOM object password


This parameter specifies the password for the iLO 3 object to access the directory. LOM Object Passwords are limited to 39 characters.

NOTE: At this time, the LOM Object Password field is not used. This field is to provide forward compatibility with future firmware releases.

LOM object password confirm


Prevents mistyped passwords. If you change the LOM Object Password, also enter the new password in this field.

Directory user context 1, directory user context 2, ... up to directory user context 15


This parameter enables you to specify up to 15 searchable contexts used to locate the user when the user is trying to authenticate using the directory. Directory User Contexts are limited to 128 characters each. Directory User Contexts enable you to specify directory user containers that are automatically searched when an iLO 3 login is attempted. This eliminates the requirement of entering a fully distinguished user name at the login screen. For example, the search context, "ou=lights out devices,o=corp" would allow the user "cn=manager,ou=lights out devices,o=corp" to login to iLO 3 using just "manager." Active Directory allows an additional search context format, "@hostname" for example, "@directory.corp."