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User Administration parameters


Default value


User name


This parameter is the user's real name as it is displayed in the user list and event log. It is not the name used to log in. The maximum length of the user name is 39 characters.

Login name


This is a case-sensitive name that the user must provide to log in to iLO 3.


A random, eight-character alphanumeric string that is factory assigned

This is a case-sensitive password that the user must provide to log in to iLO 3. In Security Options, the minimum password length can be assigned. The minimum password can be from 0 to 39 characters. The default minimum password length is eight characters. You must enter the password twice for verification.

Administer user accounts


This privilege allows a user to add, modify, and delete user accounts. It also allows the user to alter privileges for all users, including granting all permissions to a user.

Remote console access


This privilege allows a user to remotely manage the Remote Console of a managed system, including video, keyboard, and mouse controls.

Virtual power and reset


This privilege allows a user to power-cycle or reset the host platform.

Virtual media


This privilege allows a user to use virtual media on the host platform.

Configure iLO 3 settings


This privilege enables a user to configure most iLO 3 settings, including security settings. It does not include user account administration.

After iLO 3 is correctly configured, revoking this privilege from all users prevents reconfiguration. A user with the Administer User Accounts privilege can enable or disable this privilege. iLO 3 can also be reconfigured if iLO 3 RBSU is enabled.