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The HP Online Configuration Utility (HPONCFG.EXE) has both Windows and Linux versions. HPONCFG is used to send XML configuration and control scripts (the same scripts as CPQLOCFG) from the server host operating system to iLO 3. One common usage is to run an HPONCFG script to configure iLO 3 to a standard configuration at the end of your server deployment process. HPONCFG integrates with HP Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) and can also be run at the end of an unattended OS installation.

When run from the host operating system, you must be logged into the host server using an Administrator or root level user account. An iLO 3 user id and password is not required.

For Windows server operating systems, there is also the HPONCFG_GUI.EXE. This tool provides the same basic configuration capabilities as found in the iLO 3 F8 ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU) during the server boot up process.

Version 3.0 of this utility is required for use with iLO 3and is backwards compatible with iLO 2 and iLO.