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You can use this option to add a drive to an existing array (to expand an array) or to build a new array. If you are expanding an array, each drive that you add must have a capacity no less than that of the smallest drive already in the array. The added drives and the existing drives in the array must all be the same type (for example, SAS or SATA).

If the value of the ClearConfigurationWithDataLoss option is Yes, you can use the Drive option to remove drives from an array. However, the ClearConfigurationWithDataLoss option is now deprecated.

If you use Auto method mode, ACU configures all the available drives on the controller into one array. If the drives are of different capacities, ACU determines the capacity of the smallest drive and uses the same amount of space on all other available drives.

If you use Custom method mode, choose one of the following methods to specify the drives to be used in the array. (Different arrays on the same controller can use different methods.)