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Problems with new hardware


  1. Be sure the hardware being installed is a supported option on the server. For information on supported hardware, see the server documentation.

    If necessary, remove unsupported hardware.

  2. To be sure the problem is not caused by a change to the hardware release, see the release notes included with the hardware. If no documentation is available, see the HP support website.
  3. Be sure the new hardware is installed properly. To be sure all requirements are met, see the device, server, and OS documentation.

    Common problems include:

  4. Be sure no memory, I/O, or interrupt conflicts exist.
  5. Be sure no loose connections exist.
  6. Be sure all cables are connected to the correct locations and are the correct lengths. For more information, see the server documentation.
  7. Be sure other components were not accidentally unseated during the installation of the new hardware component.
  8. Be sure all necessary software updates, such as device drivers, ROM updates, and patches, are installed and current, and the correct version for the hardware is installed. For example, if you are using a Smart Array controller, you need the latest Smart Array Controller device driver. Uninstall any incorrect drivers before installing the correct drivers.

    If the "Unsupported processor detected" message is displayed, update the system ROM to support the installed processor. For more information, see "Unsupported processor stepping with IntelĀ® processors."

  9. After installing or replacing boards or other options, run RBSU to be sure all system components recognize the changes. If you do not run the utility, you may receive a POST error message indicating a configuration error.
    1. Check the settings in RBSU.
    2. Save and exit the utility.
    3. Restart the server.

      For more information on RBSU, see the HP ROM-Based Setup Utility User Guide on the Documentation CD or the HP website.

  10. Be sure all switch settings are set correctly. For additional information about required switch settings, see the labels located on the inside of the server access panel or the server documentation.
  11. Be sure all boards are properly installed in the server.
  12. To see if the utility recognizes and tests the device, run HP Insight Diagnostics.
  13. Uninstall the new hardware.