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Unsupported processor stepping with Intel® processors

For systems based on Intel® processors, you must update the system ROM to support new steppings (revisions) of processors. System ROM for HP servers contains the Intel® microcode, also called processor support code, that the system uses to initialize the processor and ensure proper operation of the platform.

New steppings of Intel® processors tend to be functionally equivalent to previous steppings. HP ProLiant servers fully support mixing steppings when other parameters are identical: processor speed, cache size, number of cores, and processor wattage. To maintain support and uptime, HP provides updated system ROM before shipping new stepping processors.

A new or replacement processor may be a newer stepping. At boot, the server indicates if the current system ROM does not support the new stepping processor. The following message is displayed:

Unsupported Processor Detected

System will ONLY boot ROMPAQ Utility.

If this message is displayed, update the system ROM in one of the following ways: