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Memory-related port 85 codes

Memory-related port 85 codes display in the format 4xh.

IMPORTANT: Reboot the server after completing each numbered step. If the error condition continues, proceed with the next step.

To troubleshoot memory-related error codes:

  1. Check the memory LEDs for any identified errors or failed DIMMs, and take corrective action.
  2. Bring the server to base configuration by removing all components that are not required by the server to complete POST. This process can include removing all:
  3. Reseat the remaining memory boards, rebooting after each installation to isolate any failed memory boards, if applicable.
  4. Replace the DIMMs with a remaining bank of memory.
  5. Replace the memory board, if applicable.
  6. Replace the system board.

    IMPORTANT: If replacing the system board or clearing NVRAM, you must re-enter the server serial number through RBSU.