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Processor-related port 85 codes

Processor-related port 85 codes display in the format 3xh.

IMPORTANT: Reboot the server after completing each numbered step. If the error condition continues, proceed with the next step.

To troubleshoot processor-related error codes:

  1. Bring the server to base configuration by removing all components that are not required by the server to complete POST. This process can include removing all:
  2. Reseat the processor in socket 1.
  3. Reseat the remaining processors, rebooting after each installation to identify any failed processors.

    IMPORTANT: Populate the processors in the following order: 1, 2, 4, 3.

    IMPORTANT: Always install a PPM when you install a processor. The system fails to boot if the PPM is missing.

  4. Replace the processor in socket 1.
  5. Replace the processor board, if applicable.
  6. Replace the system board.

    IMPORTANT: If replacing the system board or clearing NVRAM, you must re-enter the server serial number through RBSU.