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1789-Slot X Drive Array SCSI Drive(s) Not Responding...

...Check cables or replace the following SCSI drives: SCSI Port Y: SCSI ID Z

Select F1 to continue – drive array will remain disabled.

Select F2 to failed drives that are not responding – Interim Recovery Mode will be enabled if configured for fault tolerance.

Audible Beeps: None

Possible Cause: Drives that were working when the system was last used are now missing or are not starting up. A possible drive problem or loose SCSI cable exists.


  1. Power down the system.
  2. Be sure all cables are properly connected.
  3. Be sure all drives are fully seated.
  4. Power cycle any external SCSI enclosures while the system is off.
  5. Power up the server to see if the problem still exists.
  6. If configured for fault-tolerant operation and the RAID level can sustain failure of all indicated drives:
    1. Press the F2 key to fail the drives that are not responding
    2. Replace the failed drives.
  7. Press the F1 key to start the system with all logical drives on the controller disabled.

Be sure the system is always powered up and down correctly.