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Network controller is installed but not working


  1. Check the network controller LEDs to see if any statuses indicate the source of the problem. For LED information, refer to the network controller documentation.
  2. Be sure no loose connections exist.
  3. Be sure the network cable is working by replacing it with a known functional cable.
  4. Be sure a software problem has not caused the failure. Refer to the operating system documentation for guidelines on adding or replacing PCI Hot Plug devices, if applicable.
  5. Be sure the server and operating system support the controller. Refer to the server and operating system documentation.
  6. Be sure the controller is enabled in RBSU.
  7. Check the PCI Hot Plug power LED to be sure the PCI slot is receiving power, if applicable.
  8. Be sure the server ROM is up to date.
  9. Be sure the controller drivers are up to date.
  10. Be sure a valid IP address is assigned to the controller and that the configuration settings are correct.
  11. Run Insight Diagnostics and replace failed components as indicated.