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General fan problems are occurring


  1. Be sure the fans are properly seated and working.
    1. Follow the procedures and warnings in the server documentation for removing the access panels and accessing and replacing fans.
    2. Unseat, and then reseat, each fan according to the proper procedures.
    3. Replace the access panels, and then attempt to restart the server.
  2. Be sure the fan configuration meets the functional requirements of the server. Refer to the server documentation.
  3. Be sure no ventilation problems exist. If you have been operating the server for an extended period of time with the access panel removed, airflow may have been impeded, causing thermal damage to components. Refer to the server documentation for further requirements.
  4. Be sure no POST error messages are displayed while booting the server that indicate temperature violation or fan failure information. Refer to the server documentation for the temperature requirements for the server.
  5. Access the IML to see if any event list error messages relating to fans are listed.
  6. Replace any required non-functioning fans and restart the server. Refer to the server documentation for specifications on fan requirements.
  7. Be sure all fan slots have fans or blanks installed. Refer to the server documentation for requirements.
  8. Verify the fan airflow path is not blocked by cables or other material.