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Event list error messages

List of messages:

Introduction to event list error messages

A CPU Power Module (System Board, Socket X)...

ASR Lockup Detected: Cause

Automatic operating system shutdown initiated due to fan failure

Automatic Operating System Shutdown Initiated Due to Overheat Condition...

Blue Screen Trap: Cause [NT]...

Corrected Memory Error Threshold Passed (Slot X, Memory Module Y)...

EISA Expansion Bus Master Timeout (Slot X)...

PCI Bus Error (Slot X, Bus Y, Device Z, Function X)

Processor Correctable Error Threshold Passed (Slot X, Socket Y)

Processor Uncorrectable Internal Error (Slot X, Socket Y)

Real-Time Clock Battery Failing

System AC Power Overload (Power Supply X)

System AC Power Problem (Power Supply X)

System Fan Failure (Fan X, Location)

System Fans Not Redundant

System Overheating (Zone X, Location)

System Power Supplies Not Redundant

System Power Supply Failure (Power Supply X)

Unrecoverable Host Bus Data Parity Error...

Uncorrectable Memory Error (Slot X, Memory Module Y)...