IUserDialinInfo Property: CallbackPhoneNumber

Property Name

Property Type

Gets and sets the callback telephone number for a user. A callback number is relevant only if the Callback property for a user has been set to "Preset". A Callback is primarily used to provide stronger security. When a user dials in, the connection is dropped and the Remote Access Service (RAS) server dials a specific telephone number. The user can also be made to require to call from a specific number.


Dim UserDialinInfo As IUserDialinInfo
'Get the dialininfo interface for user object
Set UserDialinInfo = GetObject ("NTDS://DomainName/UserName")
'Set the Callback value to Preset
UserDialinInfo.Callback = Preset
'Set the telephone number that will be used to callback the user
UserDialinInfo.CallbackPhoneNumber = "6456438"
'Save this information


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