IUserDialinInfo Property: Callback

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Property Type

Gets and sets the callback rights for a user. A Callback is primarily used to provide stronger security. When a user dialins, the connection is dropped and the Remote Access Service (RAS) server dials a specific telephone number. The user can also be made to require to call from a specific number.

Please refer to the Dialin Callback Values page for the various values to which this property can be set.


Dim UserDialinInfo As IUserDialinInfo
'Get the dialininfo interface for user object
Set UserDialinInfo = GetObject ("NTDS://DomainName/UserName")
'Set the Callback value to Preset
UserDialinInfo.Callback = Preset
'Set the telephone number that will be used to callback the user
UserDialinInfo.CallbackPhoneNumber = "111222333444555666"
'Save this information


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